portrait edina müller. parakanutin. sw und im profil
portrait edina müller, parakanutin. blick durch die scheibe eines cafes
sw portrait edina müller. starker ausdruck
minimalistisches portrait edina müller. parakanutin
nahaufnahme portrait edina müller. starker ausdruck
Edina Müller is a powerful award winnig sports women. She is Hamburgs sportswoman of the year in 2012, Cologne Sportswoman of the year in 2010. As part of the german team, she won Paralympic Gold in London in 2012 playing Wheelchair Basketball. Later, she switched to Paracanoe, and again startet a powerful new career. Now, as she says herself, she is on her way to Tokio to complete the Paralympic games. I met Edina Müller for an editorial magazine portrait shooting in her favorite Coffee Shop "vju-room with a view" in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg, where she impressed me with her beautiful and powerful charisma

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