analoges portrait rocko schamoni. musikerfoto autorenportrait
Rocko Schamoni
analoges portrait rocko schamoni. musikerfoto autorenportrait hamburg
unscharfes sw portrai draußen auf der straße. analo körnig. künstlerportrait rocko schamoni
musikerportrait bandfoto. analog. rocko schamoni. künstler und sänger
Rocko Schamoni, shot in film
analoges künstler portrait. rocko schamoni vor einer wand
artistportrai. rocko schamon i sw portrait von der seite. analog
Rocko Schamoni is artist, writer and musician. He was born in Lütjendorf Schleswig-Holstein, and lives in Hamburg. He is kind of a great "jack of all trades". He is part of the comedy collective "Studio Braun". He is singer of the reunited  and great band "Fraktus", does several solo projects in film and cinema. You can see him reading books, singing or acting on several stages and theaters all over Germany. He also writes books himself, he is doing film, he has a good eye in things fallen out of time, and last but not least, runs one of the best clubs in town, called the "Golden Pudel Club" which is a must visit. We took this pictures digital and analog for his new album "Music für Jugendliche", which is happening to be his 8. album, and first one album after a lot of years. It deals in a very personal way with a lot major topics of life, carefully arranged as always, and with attention to detail.

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