outdoor portrait sebastian friedrich journalist. gängeviertel hamburg
sebastian friedrich. portrai in blauem licht. nahaufnahme im profil
se portrait journalist sebastian friedrich. nachdenklich
Sebastian Friedrich. Journalist, writer and social scientist
outdoor portrait sebastian friedrich unter bäumen. gängeviertel hamburg
Sebastian Friedrich is a freelance journalist, based in Hamburg. He is author of several books with topics like racism, nationalism and the history of the AfD. He is doing radio features such as "Die Ost-West-Migrantin“, which is a portrait dealing with his and his mothers story in 1989, a recap and roadtrip about their life in the past 30 years and in context of germen history. He is commentator on politics and current affairs and works for several renowned media like NDR, ZAPP, Der Freitag, Panorama and much more.
He was one of the journalists who had their accreditations withdrawn during the G20 summit in Hamburg, and went to court to complain against this. The Berlin Administrative Court declared this withdrawn to be illegal.in 2019, which was perceived as a great win for the freedom of the press. We shot this portraits for an intervview he gave to a spanish magazine at the wonderful Gängeviertel, Hamburg
outdoor portrait sebastian friedrich. gängeviertel hamburg
urbanes portrai von journalist sebastian friedrich. in blauem licht
outdoor portrait sebastian friedrich unter bäumen. gängeviertel hamburg

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