close up, cd cover singer songwriter, female
outdoor artis portrait. sw sängerin vim grünen
happy musician. outddor in the garden
Ulli Buth, singer songwriter & Fiddle School
woman portrait, outdoor in the woods. musician with violine
b&w portrait of a women. cool. musician
Ulli Buth is a German singer-songwriter and musician. She plays guitar, she is a singer and gives lessons in violin, fiddle, and piano with her “Fiddle school”. We worked together first time for her last Album “Coming home”, when we shot minimalistic and close pictures, concentrated on her face, to show pureness and intensity you can find in her music.
"Coming home" is a beautiful and very relaxed singer-songwriter album, you definitely should check it out. We took the other pictures here on my portfolio outdoor some years later. And I wanted to show you how many styles and facets people can have, and Ulli definitely have!
women portrait outdoor with loght and shadow play. calm athmosphere

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