elbjazz. black & wihite picture of the audience. also jazz musician jakob manz on stage
Jakob Manz Project
Jakob Manz Project. singer on stage with a smile. there is a piano left hand
Jakob Manz Project
elbjazz mood. black and white picture, silhouettes of two people in the sun
night shot of elbjazz letter in pink and blue
angus stone on stage, smilog and holding a bottle of beer
Angus Stone, "Dope Lemon"
singer angus stone from dope lemon band on stage. he is holding a guitar
Angus Stopne, "Dope Lemon"
bw photo. concert audience, a man is taking a picture
two musicians of meute band playing pn stage. the light is atmospheric pinnk and blue
"MEUTE" Band
bw pbandphot. enlightened musician playing saxophone
"MEUTE" Band
camera man filming a band which is playing on stage
bw picture of a part of meute techno march band playing a concert
"MEUTE" Band
conert stage with audiance from behind. its a night shot at elbjazz festival, hamburg

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