Work samples

Artists and singer
Artist, Music, Singer and more. in portrait
Stadtpark Open Air
Benefit Concert Stadtpark Open Air. "Die Hamburger Goldkehlchen"for "Hamburger Tafel e.V. A // Concert photographer
People and Portrait
People & Portrait photography / Porträt Fotografie
Reeperbahn Festival
'#RBF #RBFC. Concert photographer for Reeperbahn Festival & Conference. Documentary. A collection.
Live music
(Live) Music, mixed collection. Musicians live on stage. Concert photographer. Live Music and event.
Elbjazz Festival ūüéľ
Elbjazz Festival. #concert photographer / concert photography
Imperial Theater, mix
Imperial Theater. Portraits & public relation. Advertising and scenes for the "Imperial Theater",
Joachim Herz Stiftung
Corporate event photographer: work sample
Heine Architects mbB
Heine Architects. Corporate / business photography. Work samples PR & Homepage / Geschäftsporträt
University Medicine.
University Medicine Göttingen. Annual Report. Portraits & Reportage work sample. Corporate photography. Geschäftsbericht.
Female empowerment, global network and movement for gender equality in music
Auktionsverk Hamburg
Stockholms Auktionsverk. Website photography / corporate shooting. Portrait series of the employees and experts
Education & brochure
#education - miscellaneous collection of different brochures. Corporate portraits and documentary // Kundenmagazine.
Heyroth & Kuerbitz
Heyroth & K√ľrbitz Architects at "The Table", "Hobenk√∂√∂k" & "Foodlab". Corporate, documentary, website photography.
Legal firms, samples
(under construction) Mixed work samples of legal firms corporate photography,. Recruitment brochures, annual reports. Website photography.
Future Female Africa
Future Female Africa. Women Entrepreneur and Sheroes
Female Founders, mix
Female empowerment. Event photographer for eeden Female Founders / Frauenmacht, Dinner with Linda Brack and more
Theaternacht Hamburg
Theaternacht Hamburg. Reportage & Documentation. Culture, Theatre & music at Schauspielhaus, Staatsoper & much more.
Millerntor Gallery
Millerntor Gallery, exhibition, documentary. Gallery project at FC St Pauli Millerntor. Artists, visitors, music, soccer and more.
Events, work samples
A collection of workshops & symposium. Work samples of reportage & documentary photography // Dokumentation & Tagungen
Kampf der K√ľnste
Kampf der K√ľnste / Fight of the arts. Reportage. Culture, Theatre & music at Ernst Deutsch Theater and Sankt Pauli Theater
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