Beamte die sich ausruhen
Policeman from Bremen, Landungsbrücken Hamburg, during a small break
polizei absperrung
G20  Summit. Heiligengeistfeld, no protest area
G20 Demo am rödingsmarkt
Protesters at the Rödingsmarkt on their way to Elbphilharmonie
Welcome to hell Demo mit Hubschrauber
Before the start of "Welcome to hell" protest, Hamburg Fischmarkt
Schwarzer Block, Demonstrant reckt die Hände
"The so called "Schwarzer Block"
Wasserwerfer im Einsazu, dramatisches Licht
Fischmarkt, protest stopped by the police
Polizei formiert sich, dramatisches gegenlicht. Athmosphärisch
Unscharfe Bäume mitten im Wasserwerfer, Gegenlicht
Demonstrant im Wasserstrahl, struktur und Gegenlicht

Under pressure

Wasserwerfer im Einsatz, fllüchtende Journalisten und Fotografen
Polizei im Einsatz, Hand mit 2 gestreckten Fingern
Fotograf im Einsatz, fotografiert Beamte, Gegenlicht
Demonstrant beobachtet Einsatz, gegenlicht, dramatisch
 Demo Attac, Menge mit fröhlicher frau
Two days later / Großdemonstration zum G20
Abschlussveranstaltung Demo Attac, fröhliche Frau
Abschlussveranstaltung Demo, Menge Banner Liebsein ist wichtig
Abschlussveranstaltung Demo Attac, Menge
Aktivist mit Seifenblasen
Saturday, Hamburg Ludwig-Erhard Sraße, on the truck with attac
Schlafende Demonstranten
Finally time to sleep
Reportage photography, often referred to as photojournalism, is a powerful medium for capturing events as they unfold, presenting raw, unfiltered moments to audiences around the world. During major events like the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017, reportage photography played a crucial role in documenting the complexities of the summit, both inside the conference halls and out in the streets. This summit was marked by significant protests, clashes with police, and moments of peaceful demonstration, providing photojournalists with a plethora of powerful moments to capture.

The Impact of Reportage Photography
The work of reportage photographers during the G20 summit in Hamburg had a significant impact on how the event was perceived globally. The images they captured told a multifaceted story, revealing the complexities of the summit and the protests surrounding it.
These photos provided a visual record of the event, documenting moments that would have otherwise been lost to time. They also played a role in shaping public opinion, offering audiences an unfiltered view of the realities on the ground.
In the aftermath of the summit, the photos served as a powerful reminder of the challenges and opportunities facing the world. They highlighted the importance of dialogue, the consequences of economic policies, and the passion of individuals fighting for change.

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