prag analog wenzelsplatz. retrofoto
nachtaufnahme plattenbau prag analog
Praɦa 6x6, mediumformat. Personal retro project
frau hält hund. analoges foto
prag analog metro bahn fährt vorbei unscharf
prag analog detailfoto kessel und flaschen am fensterdokumentation
prag analog  nachtaufnahme 2 menschen stehen an einem feuer
prag analog mann wärmt 2 kleine hunde am körper
Praha 6x6 is a personal work. Shot on Hasselblad slide and film. Praha, this city full of history and culture is always having this aura of orderly, past times, which is a stereotype, of course, but sometimes stereotypes in documentary can be beautiful and is having his own magic, and I hope, you can see, what I mean

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